About us

Kommunalkredit Public Consulting pursues the goal of making long-term positive contributions to the environment, the economy, and society by managing funding programs and by providing targeted consulting services.

As a niche player, we primarily specialize in developing, implementing and managing funding programs, especially in the areas of environmental and climate protection, as well as the international carbon market.

Based on our expertise of many years, we have gradually expanded our consulting services for national and international public authorities as well as for international organizations and financial institutions.

We define ourselves as a trusted and reliable partner for our clients now and in the future and assist them with our expertise and our understanding of the big picture in planning and implementing complex multi-disciplinary projects. High quality and customer satisfaction are our main priorities. To us, a sustainable approach to our business is both an imperative and a commitment we truly believe in. In collaboration with our parent company Kommunalkredit Austria AG, we implemented a tried and trusted environmental management system compliant with EMAS, which was expanded into a sustainability management system in 2004.

Our Areas of Specialization


Our main business area is the management of funding initiatives. On behalf of our clients, we develop and implement customized funding programs for climate and environmental protection. We assist our clients during the entire process and we are the liaison between our clients who provide the funds and those who apply for funding.

Our range of services includes:

  • Formal and subject-matter review of applications for funding
  • Determination of the amount of funding to be granted
  • Support decision-making processes, make funding recommendations
  • Support decision-making bodies
  • Contract and refusal letter drafting
  • Final settlement of accounts and payment management
  • Monitoring and reporting



We have actively worked in international climate protection since 2003. As experts in questions regarding international and EU climate policy as well as the associated emissions trading market and international climate financing, we have established ourselves as the company to turn to for all things European and international climate policy.


Since 2014, KPC has been supporting the Austrian Federal Ministry of Sustainability and Tourism regarding the implementation of climate protection projects as part of international climate finance activities. In 2003, we were entrusted with the management of the Austrian JI/CDM purchase program for CO2 certificates. Since the purchase of CO2 emissions certificates was successfully concluded, we currently focus primarily on management tasks for the existing project portfolio. Climate Austria, a proprietary product of KPC, was established in 2008 by us in cooperation with the Austrian Federal Ministry of Sustainability and Tourism, Austrian Airlines and Vienna Airport. Climate Austria is a platform for voluntary greenhouse gas emission offsetting that gives businesses and individuals the opportunity of compensating for unavoidable CO2 emissions generated from power, heating, hot water and transport. For KPC, being a co-founder of Climate Austria and responsible for its activities, this translates into an evolvement of our services in the area of environmental and climate protection activities for individuals and businesses.



On the consulting side, we successfully support renowned national and international organizations and financial institutions. In addition to our technical and business consulting services, our expertise also includes the compilation of (market) studies, capacity development and policy advice. Our subject-matter expertise lies specifically in the areas of energy and energy efficiency, water management, climate protection and development financing. When it comes to international consulting services, we have specialized on consulting for development cooperation and international financing institutions, especially in EU candidate countries in southeast Europe, Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Mediterranean countries. We have numerous projects in the area of national consulting services that can serve as references, among them the compilation of (market) studies, the implementation of evaluation projects and the creation of investment plans for wastewater management associations.

Mission Statement

Our Vision

is a livable environment for us and for future generations.

Our Expertise

We are experts for climate and environmental protection projects in the areas of renewable energy, energy efficiency, mobility management, municipal water management, flood protection and contaminated land remediation.

Our Mission

We help our clients develop and implement customized funding and purchasing programs. We assist local authorities, businesses and individuals in implementing their projects. We actively promote the development and dissemination of environmental and technological standards.

Our Values

We are open-minded towards each other and open to innovations
We actively pursue an open approach to communication and promote appreciation, respect and honesty when interacting with each other. We support innovations that guide personal and corporate development.

We are reliable

We demonstrate our expertise, the quality of our work and our reliability in every interaction and collaboration, both internally and with our clients. We believe in results. We are a performance-oriented company. We are dedicated to reaching results and we work on all tasks as a team. We analyze our performance and learn from it.

We believe in results

We are a performance-oriented company. We are dedicated to reaching results and we work on all tasks as a team. We analyze our performance and learn from it.

The five pillars of our success

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Kommunalkredit Austria AG and Raiffeisenlandesbank Oberösterreich AG


Kommunalkredit Public Consulting is a subsidiary of Kommunalkredit Austria AG. Kommunalkredit Austria AG holds 90% of its shares. 10% of the shares are held by Raiffeisenlandesbank Oberösterreich AG.



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Portrait Christopher Giay

DI Christopher Giay
T: 01/31 6 31 -370
E-Mail: c.giay(at)kommunalkredit.at

Portrait Frank Hasselwander

Dipl.-Kfm. Frank Hasselwander
T: 01/31 6 31 -178
E-Mail: f.hasselwander(at)kommunalkredit.at

Portrait Mayerhofer

Mag. Gerlinde Mayerhofer-Fras
T: 01/31 6 31 -580
E-Mail: g.mayerhofer(at)kommunalkredit.at 

Portrait Klaus Frühmann

DI Dr. Klaus Frühmann
General Manager and Department Head Climate & Environment
T: 01/31 6 31 -245
E-Mail: k.fruehmann(at)kommunalkredit.at 

Portrait Katharina Hopfner-Sixt

DI Dr. Katharina Hopfner-Sixt
Department Head Climate & Environment
T: 01/31 6 31 -291
E-Mail: k.hopfner-sixt(at)kommunalkredit.at 

[Translate to English:] Portrait Katharina Colom

MSc Katharina Colom
Deputy Department Head Climate & Environment
T: 01/31 6 31 -356
E-Mail: k.colom(at)kommunalkredit.at

Portrait Johannes Laber

DI Dr. Johannes Laber
Department Head Water & Contaminated Sites
T: 01/31 6 31 -360
E-Mail: j.laber(at)kommunalkredit.at 

Portrait Doris Pühringer

DI Doris Pühringer
Department Head Living & Energy
T: 01/31 6 31 -322
E-Mail: d.puehringer(at)kommunalkredit.at 

Portrait Andreas Vidic

Mag. Dr. Andreas Vidic
Department Head Living & Energy
T: 01/31 6 31 -249
E-Mail: a.vidic(at)kommunalkredit.at 

Portrait Wolfgang Diernhofer

DI Wolfgang Diernhofer, MBA
Department Head Energy, Environment & Climate Change
T: 01/31 6 31 -380
E-Mail: w.diernhofer(at)kommunalkredit.at 

Portrait Christoph Prandtstetten

DI Christoph Prandtstetten
Deputy Department Head Energy, Environment & Climate Change
T: 01/31 6 31 -292
E-Mail: c.prandtstetten(at)kommunalkredit.at