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Since 2004, KPC has implemented more than 180 international and more than 50 domestic consulting projects. The main focus is on water, energy, waste, climate protection, and climate protection financing.

Our history is closely linked to our success.

From the former department of Kommunalkredit Austria AG, Kommunalkredit Public Consulting (KPC) was founded as a separate subsidiary in 2003. Since 1993, KPC has been handling climate and environmental protection subsidies, the largest Austrian subsidy program for climate and environmental protection investments. In the following years, the range of funding and consulting services for national clients as well as international organizations and financial institutions were successively expanded. In the area of international climate protection, we are now an important participant in the carbon market. We have also established ourselves as a specialist in climate finance and voluntary carbon offsetting.

  • 2022

    Start of funding management under ARF (e.g., circular economy) and start of the Biodiversity Fund and start of the Repair Bonus funding scheme

  • 2021

    Introduced the business segment "Project development in the field of renewable energies.“ In addition, started handling the CO2 bonus within the framework of the Forest Fund and the funding area "Expansion and decarbonization of climate-friendly district heating systems

  • 2019

    All subsidy applications will be processed online only

  • 2017

    Commissioned with WB GEFF - Western Balkan Green Economy Financing Facility

  • 2016

    Successful implementation of new funding guidelines for residential and protective water management (now called flood protection)

  • 2015

    KPC was entrusted with the project "Ukrainian Residential Energy Efficiency Financing Facility (UREEFF)" by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)

  • 2014

    KPC was entrusted by the Federal Ministry of Finance with processing the "Craftsperson Bonus" and received the contract for processing Austrian contributions to the international climate financing scheme by the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Regions and Tourism. In addition, the EU entrusted us with the project Sustainable Urban Demonstration Projects

  • 2013

    Processing of federal funding in the area of flood protection as well as implementation of the Landmark Study on the EU's blending finance activities

  • 2012

    Expansion of online services: submissions for corporate environmental funding are now handled online following the creation of the member area "MY SUBSIDY"

  • 2009

    Launch of the water ecology funding scheme and launch of the renovation initiative funding scheme

  • 2008

    Introduction of Climate Austria  – an initiative for the voluntary compensation of CO2 emissions

  • 2007

    Received the contract for processing funding programs for the Climate and Energy Fund

  • 2003

    Establishment of KPC as a 100% subsidiary of Kommunalkredit Austria AG and launch of the JI/CDM program

  • since 1993

    Managing of climate protection and environmental subsidies

  • Thank you, Alexandra
    In memory and appreciation of our long-time executive director,
    Ms. Alexandra Amerstorfer, who passed away on 8 April 2021 Go to obituary

Since 2004, KPC has successfully implemented more than 180 international and more than 50 domestic consulting projects. The focus of these projects is on water, energy, waste, climate protection, and climate protection financing.

Successful projects around the world.

To date, KPC has successfully implemented projects in more than 27 countries around the entire globe: from the countries of Southeastern Europe and Central and Eastern Europe to Central Asia and Middle East, Africa, and Latin America.

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Mission statement

At KPC, we focus on managing funding programs and providing targeted consulting services to promote environmental, economic, and social
development with long-term effect.

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While executives of Public Consulting stand out for their experience and expertise, clients around the world also appreciate their reliability and solid reputation, which makes Public Consulting a partner of choice in Austria and abroad.

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