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Clear values. Specific goals.

At KPC, we focus on managing funding programs and providing targeted consulting services to promote environmental, economic, and social development with long-term effect.

We specialize in developing, implementing, and managing funding programs. We work primarily in the environmental and climate protection sector and in the international carbon market. Our clients benefit directly from our many years' expertise and our ability to identify essential planning and implementation issues.

Our vision is a healthy planet for future generations.

All KPC employees are proven experts in climate and environmental protection
projects with a focus on a wide range of fields.

  • Our mission.

    We support our clients in the development and implementation of customized funding programs. This means that we guide communities, companies, and individuals through the implementation of their projects while actively contributing to the development and dissemination of environmental and technology standards.

  • Our expertise.

    KPC is known and appreciated at both national and international level as a highly specialized partner for climate and environmental protection projects. These include the areas of renewable energy, energy efficiency, mobility management, urban water management, protective water management, and contaminated land remediation.

  • Our values.

    We value open and appreciative communication with our clients. In addition, we believe in partnerships based on trust, reliability, quality, and expertise. At the same time, performance is a key factor for us.

Our goal
is to find valuable and sustainable solutions.

KPC sees itself as a long-term partner for projects in the fields of water, waste, climate protection, and climate protection financing. In addition, we see ourselves as an actor that helps protect our environment now and in the future.

Our success relies on five pillars.

At KPC, success relies on five key factors: every one of them is paramount for the implementation of challenging projects. They complement each other to provide premium services appreciated by clients around the world.

Fünf Säulen tragen unseren Erfolg.

Der Erfolg der KPC basiert auf fünf tragenden Säulen. Jede einzelne ist für die Umsetzung von anspruchsvollen Projekten von entscheidender Relevanz. Zusammen ergeben Sie ein hochqualitatives Angebot, das Kunden weltweit überzeugt.

Facts & figures

Since 2004, KPC has implemented more than 180 international and more than 50 domestic consulting projects. The main focus is on water, energy, waste, climate protection, and climate protection financing.

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While executives of Public Consulting stand out for their experience and expertise, clients around the world also appreciate their reliability and solid reputation, which makes Public Consulting a preferred partner in Austria and abroad.

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