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Sustainable Development in the Energy Sector

EU Delegation Serbia

The overall objective of this project is to assist Serbia in its activities to create sustainable development by enhancing capacities in the energy sector to efficiently use resources according to EU standards. Furthermore, the project will offer support for the implementation of a sustainable energy policy and of the Kyoto Protocol, and will contribute to a more rational use conventional fuels and increased use of renewable energy sources.

The main specific activities and outputs within this project are:

  • Preparation of a mid-term Kyoto Protocol Implementation Plan for the energy sector;
  • Awareness raising in the area of sustainable development of the energy sector;
  • Preparation of an action plan for the implementation of the EU regulations regarding fuel quality control;
  • Development of a bio-fuels labeling and certification system.

Several workshops and trainings will be delivered during the project, with topics ranging from climate change, Kyoto Protocol, EU ETS, GHG inventory methodologies and energy efficiency technologies.

Kommunalkredit Public Consulting is the consortium leader, the other two partners are EPTISA and Umweltbundesamt.

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Kommunalkredit Public Consulting GmbH, Türkenstrasse 9, 1092 Vienna, Austria

Sustainable Development in the Energy Sector