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Supporting to improve the environmental quality of the Black Sea (Relative to improving the environmental quality of the Black Sea through better waste water treatment & climate change adaption of the water sector in Moldova)


The project comprised three tasks. These tasks were implemented through a policy dialogue with senior policy-makers in Moldova, in the framework of an EU Water Initiative National Policy Dialogue. Accordingly, expert and policy dialogue meetings were organised to generate consensus on the data and scenarios, and on policy responses.

Task 1: Assessment of the impact of climate change on water supply sources and WSS systems The objective of this task is to assess the impact of climate change on the availability and quality of water supply sources in Moldova, as well as on WSS infrastructure, and develop recommendations for key climate change adaptation measures.

Task 2: Analysis of selected adaptation measures and development of a feasible adaptation strategy. The objective of this task was to further analyse selected adaptation measures from the reference scenario, and to develop a financially sustainable adaptation strategy for the water supply and sanitation sector.

Task 3: A sustainable business model for operation, maintenance and financing of sanitation systems in small towns and rural settlements in Moldova outside the service area of existing water utilities (apacanals) not covered by the regionalisation project was developed.

Services provided:

  • Organisation of four national policy dialogue meetings with senior national and international stakeholders of the Moldovan water sector;
  • Analysis of the possible impacts of climate change to the water sector;
  • Identification and development feasible adaptation measures for the water sector.
  • Development of a sustainable business model for water/wastewater service provision for small municipalities.
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