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Bulgarian Energy Efficiency for Competitive Industry Financing Facility (BEECIFF)


BEECIFF is a new financing facility for SMEs supporting sustainable energy projects and is jointly implemented by the EBRD and the Bulgarian Ministry of Economy, Energy and Tourism. Under the facility EBRD provides a 150 Mio. EUR credit line to six participating banks, while the Ministry provides 150 Mio. EUR in EU Structural Fund grants from the Operational Programme “Competitiveness”. The facility is supported by a Technical Assistance package, composed of a Project Consultant and a Verification Consultant.

Kommunalkredit Public Consulting was contracted by EBRD to support in the preparation and the launch of this new facility.

The main tasks of this assignment were:

  • Design of the overall implementation structure and the technical criteria of the programme;
  • Support in the development of the grant scheme component; • Development of a List of Eligible Materials and Equipment; 
  • Development of a web-based database; 
  • Development of a marketing strategy, the programme website and organization of the launch event; 
  • Support in the procurement of the Technical Assistance providers 
  • Delivery of a comprehensive training programme for energy auditors and the participating banks; 
  • Preparation of an Energy Management Handbook and a Sustainable Energy Financing Handbook;

More information can be found on the programme website: www.beeciff.org  

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Bulgarian Energy Efficiency for Competitive Industry Financing Facility (BEECIFF)