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Vitebsk Water and Wastewater Feasibility Study


The overall objectives of the Feasibility Study were to develop an affordable, least cost and cost effective bankable investment programme for water and wastewater infrastructure in Vitebsk to rehabilitate and increase the efficiency of the existing systems and to gain strong social and environmental benefits. The study also identifying key cost restructuring elements and recommended reasonable loan covenants and implementation timing in this area.

During the preparation of the feasibility study the following tasks were implemented:

  • Baseline Study • Priority Investment Programme;
  • Long-term Investment Programme;
  • Financial Analysis and Projections;
  • Environmental and Social Due-Diligence.

Within the Consortium, Kommunalkredit Public Consulting was responsible for the task “Financial Analysis and Projections”. The study was approved by Vitebsk Vodokanal and the Ministry for Housing and Communal Services, and formed the basis for EBRD to negotiate a loan agreement to finance the Priority investment Programme.

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Vitebsk Water and Wastewater Feasibility Study
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