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Technical Assistance to the Austrian Development Agency in the Western Balkans

South-East Europe

The contract included strategic and technical advice to ADA and the support of the Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs (BMeiA) in development policy and programmatic issues in the field of water and sanitation. The objective of the consulting services was to provide water supply and sanitation support in terms of poverty reduction and the UN Millennium Development Goals in partner countries of the Austrian Development Cooperation (ADC).

The technical advice on water and sanitation assisted in the monitoring of ongoing relevant programs and the identification of new partners in the respective countries in terms of the overall objectives and principles. The consulted ensured that future ADA programs and projects in the water sector met all relevant criteria, such as program approach, coordination with donors in the international environment, regionalization of interventions, use of local expertise in planning and implementation, attention to gender issues, protection of natural resources, application of appropriate technologies, strengthening the awareness of users and the ability of operators to manage the infrastructure. Within this mandate, KPC was responsible for project preparation work (such as project identification and building a project pipeline), as well as for the overall supervision of implementation of the projects (procurement and construction supervision). Thus, one of the main activities was the monitoring and overall project management throughout the entire project cycle, from project identification to the planning, design and construction phase. The project documentation (feasibility studies, technical design, tender documents) were prepared by implementation consultants, whose work and outputs were managed and monitored by KPC.

KPC also assisted ADA in drafting and developing country strategies and water sector programmes. For example, in 2009 a water sector strategy for Albania was developed by KPC, which then formed part of ADAs strategic planning process 2010-2015. Assistance was also provided in the field of Institutional Strengthening and Capacity Development provided by ADA to its project partners like local water utilities, municipalities and state authorities.

More than 100 individual investment projects have been carried out within this framework contract.

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Technical Assistance to the Austrian Development Agency in the Western Balkans
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