Sustainable Urban Demonstration Projects - Support Mechanism (SUDEP)

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This technical assistance component is part of the bigger Covenant of Mayors programme for Sustainable Urban Demonstration Projects (SUDeP). The SUDeP programme will be implemented through four major components and will cover both ENP regions East and ENP South. The eastern component will mainly support the effective implementation of Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAPs) under the Covenant of Mayors, being a key priority under the Energy Security Platform of the Eastern Partnership (EaP).

As most local authorities in the EaP region lack experience in designing and implementing urban development projects, the support mechanism is essential and supports them in the preparation and implementation of projects in order to ensure the greatest impact and sustainability. The consultant’s objective is to assist the project applicants under the SUDeP Call for Proposals. Under the SUDeP Call for Proposals local authorities will implement measures incorporated in their SEAPs under the Covenant of Mayors. This project provides technical assistance to these local authorities during the project design phase and during the project implementation phase, in the form of a support mechanism. It is expected that approximately 15 to 25 projects will be awarded a grant under the Call for Proposals.

Type of Service provided:

  • Support EaP municipalities by providing technical advice and capacity building support, in designing high-quality proposals for sustainable urban demonstration projects, including high-quality project financing plans;
  • Support EaP municipalities to better implement urban demonstration projects by providing guidance and oversight during project implementation
  • Ensure good communication, visibility, and spread of results of the programme and its demonstration projects, in particular dissemination of good practices that could serve as model actions in the implementation of SEAPs in other municipalities (possibly including exchanges between neighbourhood regions).
  • Encourage beneficiaries to connect to other EaP cities and EU city by organising networking activities during the design phase and the implementation phase of the demonstration projects
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Sustainable Urban Demonstration Projects - Support Mechanism (SUDEP)
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