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Implementation of the Armenian Sustainable Energy Finance Facility (ArmSEFF)


ArmSEFF is a finance facility provided by EBRD to local participating banks in Armenia, which will then on-lend the funds for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects. The government of Armenia has indicated its willingness to pursue policy measures designed to enhance investments in supply and demand side energy efficiency and renewable energy, building on the 2004 Law on Energy Saving and Renewable Energy and the 2007 National Programme on Energy Saving and Renewable Energy.

ArmSEFF will ensure that local participating banks become familiar with appraising and financing industrial and residential energy efficiency and small-scale renewable energy investment projects and those local engineers have the technical expertise to identify and prepare technically feasible and bankable projects.

The scope of work of the assignment is:

  • Promote ArmSEFF through public awareness and marketing campaigns;
  • Provide initial training to the participating banks;
  • Development of a pipeline of potential energy projects;
  • Advise on the eligibility of the energy projects proposed to be financed under ArmSEFF;
  • Undertake preliminary screening and assistance in the preparation of energy projects; 
  • Monitor the performance of the credit line facility and the financed energy projects.

More information can be found here: www.armseff.org 

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Implementation of the Armenian Sustainable Energy Finance Facility (ArmSEFF)
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