Feasibility Study on Non-Conventional Wastewater Treatment Plants

Bosnien und Herzegovina
World Bank

The main goal of this World Bank financed study was the estimation of the potential use of Non-conventional wastewater treatment plants (NCT) for settlements from 500 to 10.000 PE in BiH.

The main tasks were:

  • Development of proposals to improve waste water management through the implementation of NCT’s,
  • Identification of optimal strategies for the use of NCT in wastewater treatment under due consideration of, natural, cultural, social, economic, institutional and climatic aspects as well as other characteristics,
  • Elaboration and establishment of a GIS-based data base,
  • Preparation of design criteria and guidelines in regard of the implementation of NCT’s,
  • Development of wastewater treatment facilities investment plans based on the application of NCT as well as elaborating an Action Plan for the Implementation of the NCT’s
  • Identification of 3 pilot projects on low cost/low energy treatment of wastewater in different typical areas of BiH, and
  • Development of a long-term Financial Policy to support the implementation of NCTs.

The role of Kommunalkredit Public Consulting GmbH was to develop the long-term Financial Policy, based on a Financing Gap-Analysis.

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Feasibility Study on Non-Conventional Wastewater Treatment Plants
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