Energy Efficiency in Public Buildings in Saparoshije and in Zhytomyr


KPC was commissioned by the German KfW with the project "Energy Efficiency in Public Buildings" with the aim to identify and prioritize suitable public buildings for financing by KfW and to determine how municipalities (Zhitomyr, Saparoshije, Sumy, Poltawa) can be supported with their implementation. As part of the project, the KPC experts have examined 80 kindergartens and schools in these cities and conducted 40 energy audits. In addition, Environmental Impact Analysis have been conducted, likewise assessments of the implementation capacity of all four municipalities, and all financial aspects have been analysed. On the basis of these analyses recommendations could be drafted on what savings can be realized and how the communities should be prepared to be in the position to successfully implement the projects. After project completion, KfW has sufficient information to conclude loan agreement with the municipalities and to design a tailor‐made support package that helps the cities to bring 40 kindergartens and schools up to modern energy efficiency standards, and to provide a comfortable learning environment for children, teachers and parents.


  • Creditworthiness Analysis with respect to the Cities Project Proposals (simulate the Ukrainian procedure for the analysis of the creditworthiness of municipalities), evaluate the financial burden for the Cities with respect to the loan conditions and economic profitability, and calculating the approximate level of credit capacity
  • Define and prioritize buildings to be modernised under the project in the City of Zhytomyr, suitable for thermal modernization; identify a list of buildings, suitable for the thermal modernization
  • Investment Grade Energy Audits of Buildings ‐ conduct 40 full energy audits of the investment grade of buildings selected under Task A
  • Capacity Analysis of the potential Project Implementing Agency within the four Municipalities  Analysis of the beneficiaries in four Municipalities
  • Elaboration of a Procurement Concept for investment projects: Analysis of the Ukrainian Procurement System (called “Pro‐Zorro”) & perform a comparative assessment of the Procurement‐System according to Pro‐Zorro and the KFW‐ Guidelines
  • Preparation of feasibility study: Based on the conducted energy audits and technical documents received from the City of Zhytomyr
  • Elaborate the Terms of Reference for an implementation Consultant
  • Climate proofing and ESIA for City Zhitomyr and City of Saparoshije
  • Environmental and social project GAP Analysis according to KfW guidelines for City Zhitomyr and City of Saparoshije
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Energy Efficiency in Public Buildings in Saparoshije and in Zhytomyr
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