Consultancy Services in Support of EU Programmes on Energy Efficiency

Div. Länder

The EIB, with support from the European Commission is establishing a new financing facility called the Green Initiative, which will be part of the already existing SME Finance Facility. This facility will provide loan and grant financing to energy efficiency projects implemented by Small and Medium Enterprises and Energy Service Companies in the EU and EU candidate countries. In the first phase the facility will start operations in Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovakia. In order to support the implementation of the facility EIB has selected a Consultant to provide a wide array of support services.

The role of the Consultant is to assist the EIB and support the financial intermediaries and the final beneficiaries in the implementation and operation of the Green Initiative, as well as other similar Facilities to be managed by the EIB during the period 2012-2016 in eligible countries.

The scope of work of the assignment includes:

  • Technical and financial assessment of project applications;
  • Performance of energy audits;
  • Capacity building and trainings to the participating banks;
  • Support in marketing and awareness raising activities;
  • Administration, monitoring and reporting of the facility. In this assignment Kommunalkredit Public Consulting is a member of a consortium led by GFA Consulting Group (Germany).
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Consultancy Services in Support of EU Programmes on Energy Efficiency
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