Renewable Energies Project Development

Together with other partners and project developers as well as the financing strength of Kommunalkredit Austria AG, we develop and implement solar and wind power projects in our home market and in Europe as a whole, which we offer as a complete package in various structures to investors (e.g. insurance companies, funds, energy groups, etc.) as a stable investment.

The world is changing - and we want to help shape it. As a project developer in the field of renewable energies, our vision is to harness the never-ending power of the sun and wind wherever it makes economic sense and is legally possible in order to make a positive contribution to the energy transition through the development and construction of solar and wind parks. In doing so, we also take into account social and environmental aspects as well as the interests of our investors.

How a new project is born.

  • Selection of local partners

    The project itself is at the center of everything we do: together with our local partners, we develop projects in the field of photovoltaics and wind in Europe.

  • Project development

    When selecting projects, it is important to check all framework conditions in advance and then implement them in order to achieve the highest possible probability of implementation in the project and to minimize risks. Legal and economic aspects are also analyzed. Once this phase has been completed, all the permits and building blocks are in place to build the project immediately ("ready to build").

  • Sale or start of the construction phase

    If all (official) permits for the construction and operation of the project are available and a legal and economic analysis has taken place, we either hand over the project to our investors or commission a general contractor with the realization of the project.

  • Commissioning and handover

    Together with our locally experienced general contractors as well as Tier 1 engineering partners, we build the project turnkey and hand it over to an investor afterwards.

  • Fortlaufender Betrieb

    The investor can then decide whether he wants to take over the project/project company completely (with his own service providers) or work with the partners we have chosen on a long-term basis. Alternatively, there is the possibility of a passive investment (e.g. via our fund platform).

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Our projects 
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Develop projects as a team.

In 2019, KPC established its own project development team in the field of renewable energy. It consists of experts with many years of experience in the field of renewable energy development, projects in Austria and other European countries, project management of international projects and the structuring of financing for such projects.

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