Climate Bonds Initiative.

KPC expands its portfolio to include green bond verification

Green bonds are seeing strong growth around the world. In the first nine months of 2021 alone, these instruments increased by 165% year-on-year. The EU is also committed to this instrument and has classified green financing as an important contribution to achieving the Paris climate goals.

The CBI standard is a label for green bonds and is comparable to the Fair Trade label. It is currently the world's most important standard in this field. As the first verifier in Austria, KPC supports issuers such as banks and companies and verifies the contribution that issued bonds make to climate protection. This involves investing in projects that meet CBI standards such as projects in the fields of renewable energies, energy efficiency measures and sustainable transport. KPC verifies compliance with the required verification criteria on behalf of the issuers. In addition, we also confirm compliance with internal processes for the use of funds collected and the selection of eligible projects. This is a prerequisite for issuing a bond certified by the CBI. The result is a green bond certified to a globally recognized standard, confirming the sustainability of projects financed by the bond.

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