Austrian Climate Change Workshop

The Way forward on Climate and Sustainable Finance

Date: 23-24 April, 2018
Venue: Kommunalkredit Public Consulting, 1092 Vienna, Türkenstrasse 9, Austria

From 23-24 April, KPC in cooperation with the Austrian Federal Ministry of Sustainability and Tourism has conducted the Austrian Climate Change Workshop 2018. Summary Report

This annually-held event aims at fostering knowledge-sharing and discussion on key climate change issues thereby contributing to low-carbon development and climate resilience on a global scale. The event is traditionally carried out in a conference-style setting with international high-level speakers from both the public and the private sector.

The sessions have been structured around the following main topics:

  • International climate finance: Making finance flows consistent with pathways to low-carbon and climate-resilient development, providing insights from climate policy experts on the outcomes of COP 23 in Bonn, as well as an outlook on COP 24 in Katowice and the preparations under Austria’s forthcoming EU presidency focusing on international climate finance issues
  • Sustainable finance: Aligning the financial system with sustainability criteria, presenting strategies to shift public and private finance to sustainable assets, progress on the integration of environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria in asset valuation and management, as well as the development and standardization of green financial asset classes
  • Involvement of the private sector in climate and sustainable finance: Roles, partnerships and tools, outlining potential options for cooperation through PPPs, highlighting roles in risk mitigation approaches and the catalyzing role of conducive policy frameworks.

More than 80 persons from across Europe have enjoyed the event from authorities, financing institutions, consulting companies, research organizations, universities, think-tanks, and NGOs.

KPC is proud to facilitate learning and to connect people working in order to foster climate-smart development.

For further information, please contact
Mr. Martin Gauss, m.gauss(at) T: +43 1 31631 224
Mrs. Biljana Spasojevic, b.spasojevic(at) T: +43 1 31631 231

Information on Speakers 
Photo Opening, CEO Kommunalkredit Austria, Mr. Alois Steinbichler
Photo Opening, Managing director KPC, Mrs. Alexandra Amerstorfer
Photo Opening, Audience


Session 1: International climate finance: Making finance flows consistent with pathways to low-carbon and climate-resilient development
Climate policy and climate finance experts will provide insights on the current develop-ments at international climate negotiations, provide an overview on the required measures to pave the way for low-carbon development pathways and update on the activities of the Green Climate Fund (GCF).

The Austrian Approach
Mrs. Gertraud Wollansky, Austrian Ministry for Sustainability and Tourism

Making finance flows consistent with a pathway to low-carbon and climate-resilient development
Mr. Philip Owen, Head of Climate Finance, DG Climate Action, European Commission

Green Climate Fund - Update on activitities
Mr. José Delgado, Austrian Federal Ministry of Finance; Alternate Board Member to GCF

Session 2: Sustainable finance: Aligning the financial system with sustainability criteria
This session will present ongoing activities and strategies to align the financial system with goals set by the Paris Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to scale up sustainable infrastructure, taking into account ESG factors and climate-related risks.

Investing for our Future: Mobilizing Investors and Innovating against Climate Change
Mrs. Angelika Delen, Amundi Asset Management

Sustainalytics - overview market, approaches, Drivers of market development, use cases
Mr. Marcel Leistenschneider, Sustainalytics

WHAT IS GOING ON? The European policy agenda on sustainable finance
Mr. Jakob Thomä, 2° Investor Initiative

Session 3: Involvement of the private sector in climate and sustainable finance: Roles, partnerships and tools

What are promising partnerships between the public and the private sector in international and sustainable finance? What are the underlying needs? How can barriers be overcome? This session will analyse these core questions.

Accessing debt capital markets to finance climate solutions at scale, at speed
Mr. Manuel Adamini, Climate Bonds Initiative

EIB Overview
Mr. Martin Berg, EIB

Involvement of Evangelische Bank in climate and sustainable finance: Roles, partnerships and tools
Mr. Bernhard Gräber, Evangelische Bank

Addressing barriers and bridging gaps Past, present and future
Mr. Marko Van Waveren Hogervorst, PFAN

Session 4: Best practices and innovations in international climate and sustainable finance

This session will present examples considered best practice and/or include innovative elements to achieve climate targets and fulfill sustainability criteria in financing soft and hard measures.

Sustainability Strategy at HSBC
Mrs. Katarin Wagner, HSBC

Climate Risks of Investments Portfolios
Mr. Renat Heuberger, South Pole Group

Climate-KIC in Austria
Mr. Johannes Naimer-Stach, Climate-KIC

Project Finance as a tool for Climate and Sustainable Finance
Mr. Ruprecht von Heusinger, Kommunalkredit Austria

Conservation International Overview
Mr. Peter Kögler, Conservation International

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